Shift from reactive to proactive for a fast and accurate demand response

E2open Logistics & Fulfillment Solutions

Customer expectations for fast delivery at a time and place of their choosing is pushing traditional fulfillment to its limits. Positioning more inventory closer to customers or pre-building goods cuts response times but is a costly strategy without confidence in a strong demand signal. The first-come, first-serve order promising in ERP fails to protect prior commitments and lacks optimization, leading to unreliable delivery schedules and lost revenue from inefficient allocations. Limited visibility to future transportation needs traps logistics departments in a daily cycle of scrambling for capacity every morning when orders cross their desk. Managing the return or repair of goods is often even more challenging.

E2open Logistics & Fulfillment Solutions

As lead times continue to shrink, how can organizations create a faster and more accurate demand response? The shift from a reactive to proactive response starts by augmenting existing systems with advanced algorithms and enhanced visibility. E2open's Transportation & Fulfillment solutions enhance outbound fulfillment processes for the fast and reliable delivery of products, on-time and in-full. This enables companies to:  

  • Create confidence in anticipated demand by collaborating with customers and reduce the risk of pre-positioning inventory 
  • Commit with confidence using fast order promising algorithms that prioritize demand while protecting prior commitments and optimize allocations to maximize service and sales 
  • Predict transportation needs and proactively secure capacity in advance of orders using cognitive artificial intelligence 
  • Gain visibility to goods as they move through the outbound supply chain and enable alternate delivery methods such as direct ship to support omnichannel strategies
  • Automate return and repair execution to increase service and reinforce brand loyalty 

These capabilities provide a pathway to evolve current transportation and fulfillment systems to the next level and gain a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly fast-paced markets.  

"Challenge" Label
"Solution" Label
Shrinking lead times and poor visibility to demand creates a constant state of emergency
Efficient response with faster fulfillment and more on-time, in-full orders through customer collaboration
Inability to secure cost-effective transportation when demand surges
Proactively identify gaps and contract capacity at preferred rates
Customer complaints from unreliable and frequently changing delivery dates
Commit with confidence knowing that demand is prioritized to protect existing commitments
E2open Transportation Forecasting helps us better anticipate customer demand and trends. And Transportation Forecasting provides a great opportunity for us to work with our carriers and customers, improving efficiency for everyone.
Operations Leader
Large Global Food & Beverage Company

Get ahead of demand and be in position to quickly respond as soon as orders are received. E2open’s Customer & Channel Collaboration solution simplifies the exchange of forecasts and commits with channel partners and customers. Visibility to anticipated demand and confidence in what customers will order allows companies to start procuring raw materials or even manufacturing and staging goods. This raises the likelihood of filling orders in-full and on-time when actual orders are received, improving service scorecards and stabilizing customer supply chains.

Channel collaboration is often used as part of an end-to-end orchestration strategy in conjunction with E2open’s supplier collaboration solutions.

Maximize revenue generation and commit with confidence knowing that delivery dates are always reliable, aligned with corporate objectives and reflect current supplier capabilities. E2open's Order Promising & Allocation solution provides advanced capable to promise for companies ready to go beyond simple first-come first-serve allocation offered by ERP systems. Demand prioritization protects channel allocations and previous commits, while optimization algorithms employ non-blocking techniques for the best use of constrained supply. Fast what-if scenario management allows large upside deals or order pull-ins to be evaluated in minutes.

Use with Supply Planning solution converges planning and execution, creating better outcomes than the traditional approach of running promising and planning in isolation. Further enhance performance with E2open’s Supplier Collaboration solutions for true outside-in planning and execution with order promising based on confirmed supplier commitments.

Gain outbound shipment visibility to track anticipated arrival times and identify potential delays. E2open's Logistics Visibility solution gathers milestone updates from carriers and enables monitoring of material movements, even when multiple parties are involved in transportation and warehousing. Close integration with E2open's Procure to Pay solution alerts buyers and planners to potential delays, providing the opportunity to take remedial action.

Lower unplanned logistics costs and improve on-time deliveries with transportation forecasts aligned to S&OP so that the entire organization executes against the same plan. E2open’s Transportation Forecasting solution uses machine learning algorithms to create accurate daily forecasts of shipping and warehouse needs by lane, mode, and temperature class. Advanced visibility to seasonal and promotional lifts allows shippers to proactively identify gaps, secure capacity at preferred rates and break from a continuous cycle of firefighting. At tactical and strategic horizons, shippers gain insight on demand shifts, perform long-range capacity planning and model the impact of changes in transportation modes or to the physical distribution network.

Ship faster and at lower costs by going direct to customers. Omni-channel strategies and tighter margins have prompted many companies to consider alternate distribution models such as customer delivery from contract manufacturers. E2open’s Drop-ship solution enables direct shipments by orchestrating the transaction flow between all parties involved in fulfillment, including brand owners, suppliers, contract manufacturers and even logistics providers. Direct shipping shortens fulfillment lead times, reduces handling and associated costs, and lowers overall inventory in the distribution network.

Streamline aftermarket service and repair operations to deliver the same kind of efficient and agility found in the customer-facing supply chain. E2open’s Returns & Repair solution orchestrates end-to-end service and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business processes, such as return material authorization, reverse logistics, internal and external repairs, and re-staging / re-installation of repaired materials. Efficient service supply chains protect brand equity by creating positive customer experiences and can be a significant source of additional revenue.

E2open’s Transportation & Fulfillment solutions augment existing capabilities to make supply chains more responsive and demand-driven. Visibility and machine learning algorithms give companies a competitive advantage as lead times continue to shrink.  

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