Align internal and external stakeholders to confidently balance demand, supply and financial goals

E2open Sales & Operations Planning / Financial Planning Solutions

Effective planning requires buy-in from all levels of an organization to make the right supply chain trade-offs and profitably meet sales goals. Getting sales and finance teams to participate in a shared process can be challenging, while external partners like suppliers and channel partners remain further out of reach. Manual collection and reconciliation of spreadsheets is labor-intensive and often takes so long that information is outdated before the executive S&OP meeting takes place. Executive meetings are routinely sidetracked by continuous firefighting of near-term shortfalls and crises instead of focusing on the big issues required to grow the business.

E2open Sales & Operations Planning / Financial Planning Solutions

If your organization is looking for better ways to balance demand, supply and financial objectives, you are not alone. E2open’s Sales & Operations Planning/Financial Planning solutions provide best-in-class consensus planning capabilities as part of an integrated platform to:

  • Gain cross-functional alignment between supply chain and the commercial organization through an integrated consensus process
  • Automate data collection/reconciliation processes to improve productivity and ensure decisions are based on current information
  • Proactively identify gaps in demand, supply or financial objectives and flag areas that require attention 
  • Evaluate the financial impact of trade-off scenarios in real-time to make informed decisions 
  • Orchestrate with supply and channel partners to make “outside-in” decisions aligned with the end-to-end supply chain 

E2open’s Sales & Operations Planning/Financial Planning solutions are designed to help companies throughout all stages of their S&OP journey – whether starting off by aligning functional silos, seeking advanced capabilities like an automated supply response to changing demand based on real-time data, or anything in between.

"Challenge" Label
"Solution" Label
Friction and misaligned metrics between siloed functional groups
Unified operating plan that aligns internal departments, and even external partners, to corporate objectives
Service gaps, excess inventory and costly expedites caused by limited visibility to demand and supply constraints
Proactively sense demand and create accurate consensus forecasts that reflect current markets; shape demand with real-time visibility to supply constraints
Data collection/reconciliation takes so long that information used to make decisions in the executive meeting is often outdated
Access to real-time data at any aggregation level, even from external sources, to make quick, confident decisions
Using E2open’s cloud-based solution enables stronger collaboration not just internally across the functions like Sales, Supply Chain and Finance, but also externally with our partners.
Director, Supply Chain Planning
Global Consumer Electronics Company

Create consensus plans that are aligned across functional departments and meet corporate objectives for customer service, profitable growth and working capital investments in inventory. E2open's Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) solution streamlines and enhances the process of balancing mid- and long-term demand with supply and financial goals. Manual tasks like data collection and reconciliation are automated to reduce dependence on spreadsheets, improve data quality and free planners to work on more valuable activities. Machine learning algorithms use pattern recognition technology to complement time series analysis, reducing baseline forecast error by 15% a year out and providing a new level of accuracy for strategic activities such as planning new product introductions and promotional events. Powerful “what-if” scenario management allows stakeholders to evaluate financial impacts in real-time and make the best trade-off decision. The consensus process aligns internal functions including sales, finance and supply chain as well as external partners (through E2open's Sourcing & Procurement and Customer Collaboration solutions) for an end-to-end unified plan that maximizes customer service and profitability.

E2open Sales and Operations Planning enhances the value of existing investments in supply chain planning systems of record. Certified ERP adapters enable seamless integration to underlying enterprise systems for closed-loop planning and execution. As part of E2open’s integrated platform, S&OP is tightly coupled to E2open's Demand Planning & Sensing, Supply Planning & Response, Inventory Management and Order Promising solutions, providing operational efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership.

Reduce service disruptions and break the constant state of firefighting in the daily or weekly S&OE process with a real-time supply response to near-term demand. E2open’s Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) solution enables enterprises to proactively close near-term gaps in demand/supply and make better trade-off decisions. Sensing real-time changes in demand and creating an immediate supply response (with E2open's Demand Sensing and Supply Planning & Response solutions) prevents many gaps from even occurring. The S&OE process can leverage retailer data (with E2open's Demand Signal Management) to further reduce the number of gaps by gaining enhanced visibility to changes in demand. Issues that require extra attention can be quickly resolved in the weekly S&OE meeting with access to real-time demand and constrained supply information from both internal operations and external partners.

The result is a more effective and efficient S&OE process that automates near-term supply responses and produces fewer near-term gaps requiring immediate attention.

Lower barriers to sales team participation and be better prepared to capture large upside opportunities. E2open's SalesSight solution makes it easier for sales teams to provide demand input to the consensus process. Visibility to large, early-stage deals provides the opportunity to shape demand for greater alignment with constrained supply, capture new sales or pull in revenue. SalesSight is designed as a plug-in app to Salesforce and can support other popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

E2open’s S&OP/Financial Planning solutions enable end-to-end integrated business planning to align priorities and actions of internal and external resources, evaluate financial trade-offs using the latest information and make better strategic, tactical and executional decisions. It is an important part of maximizing the value of supply chain planning investments.  

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