Manage regulatory compliance and yield conformance with end-to-end quality workflows

Quality and Traceability Solutions

Whether dealing with government health and safety requirements, managing yields in capital-intense production or protecting brand equity during a recall, quality is a critical cornerstone for both regulated and unregulated industries. In supply chain, this means building the ability to follow materials and goods passing through suppliers, manufacturing and distribution – to know what ingredients or components were used in every product, exactly what happened during each stage of production and how the final product was handled during transport and distribution. 

Quality and Traceability Solutions

How can brand owners ensure quality and conformance across the end-to-end supply chain, especially when external parties like contract manufacturers and co-packers are involved? The answer is to track quality measurements through internal and external operations, starting with the origin of materials at suppliers’ suppliers, down to each stage of processing and handling before consumer use. E2open's Quality & Traceability solutions enable this process by collecting data from disparate systems, creating comprehensive product genealogies, automating conformance analysis and responding through role-based workflows with closed-loop execution to underlying systems.

The result is a higher conformance and a distinct speed advantage. Streamlined quality processes facilitate regulations compliance and adherence to yield specifications maximizes profitability. Visibility to defects sooner in the production cycle allows lots to be quarantined with minimal waste; commonality analysis promptly reveals other batches that might be affected; and if required, efficient recall processes quickly manage returns from the field to limit legal liability and revenue loss. 

"Challenge" Label
"Solution" Label
Slow, expensive and error-prone process of manually collecting production data from internal and external operations
Fully automated and timely acquisition of accurate production data and quality information from all systems
Tracking ingredient origins or performing root-cause analysis is hard because data is spread across many disparate systems
Complete genealogy including all information on ingredients, production, distribution, quality documents, and test results are maintained in one place in the cloud
Quality databases are siloed from manufacturing execution systems making it hard to manage and resolve issues
Integrated systems and role-based workflows efficiently manage quality issues during production and recalls from the field
One of the key benefits of E2open Manufacturing Visibility was the visibility to inventories. In the past, we were using spreadsheets to share information between us and our supply base. E2open enables us to have the right visibility and information, which leads to actionable decisions with quicker action.
Director, Operations
Global Network Equipment Manufacturer

Gain deep visibility into outsourced production processes to better manage process yields and quality conformance. E2open's Manufacturing Visibility solution connects to Manufacturing Execution Systems at internal and external plants to capture all relevant manufacturing data at every stage of production. This provides brand owners with granular sub-operation level visibility to track and analyze material consumption, processing steps, yields, test results and inventory at different stages of production. Companies can use this granular information to calculate or validate contract manufacturers’ invoices with E2open's Contract Compliance solution. Visibility to the status of contracted production processes makes it possible to confidently outsource manufacturing operations, even in industries where close control of product quality and process yield is critical to profitability.

Trace the origin of any product or ingredient for quality control, root-cause analysis, regulatory compliance, product recalls, ownership tracking, service and support or historical cost analysis. E2open’s Batch & Lot Traceability solution captures, archives and retrieves serial numbers and other identifying information for raw materials, work-in-process or finished goods; correlates these with sourcing, logistics, production, testing, packaging, distribution and consumption steps; and creates a detailed genealogy, even when third-parties perform these operations. Materials and goods disposition can be done according to lot status and business rules, using flexible control workflows. Regulatory compliance and product quality is improved through the automated capture and correlation of multi-level, multi-entity genealogy data; while timely preventive and corrective actions limit liability exposure.

Manage quality conformance in outsourced manufacturing operations to quickly detect exceptions and create a profitable response. E2open’s Quality Collaboration solution facilitates issue identification, tracking and resolution when multiple parties are involved in manufacturing goods. Although each entity often has an internal Quality Management System, there is a need to exchange and archive information such as quality notes, design documents, batch records and certificates of analysis. Issue resolution times are shortened through the streamlining of quality management processes between manufacturing partners.

Contain costs and protect brand loyalty by quickly isolating defective lots and pulling affected products from the field. E2open’s Recall Management solution allows companies to establish standard recall workflows and operating procedures before a recall becomes necessary. A detailed genealogy for every product is maintained, including all ingredients, sourcing, production, logistics and distribution operations data so that root-causes and affected batches can be quickly identified in the event a recall is ever required. Commonality analysis is performed on impacted lots to identify other batches that may also be defective. E2open's Return & Repair solution can be used to efficiently manage the process of bringing back defective products and sending replacements to consumers.

For companies in regulated industries or where critical manufacturing operations are outsourced, E2open’s Quality & Traceability solutions provide deep visibility to the production processes and end-to-end quality information across the supply chain – regardless of who processes or handles materials and finished goods. The result is a high-performing and compliant supply chain that creates a competitive advantage wherever quality impacts consumer health and safety, financial performance or brand equity.  

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