A business network to connect all external trading partners.

Companies are increasingly relying on a global network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers, and other partners to design, assemble, ship, sell, and repair their products. While investments made in ERP systems allow companies to have an up-to-date view of their own business, they do not provide visibility outside a company’s four walls. Traditional approaches to implementing and supporting external business-to-business (B2B) connectivity are usually point-to-point connections; expensive and time-consuming to deploy; provide mostly single-tier visibility; and have limited support for traceability.

The more modern approach is to leverage the cloud to create networks. E2open’s multi-enterprise cloud connectivity solution is a network that connects all trading partners, allowing companies to exchange information and work collaboratively, securely and in real time. Electronic connectivity with trading partners provides the advantages of timely and accurate information from external sources, lower transaction costs, and high scalability. 

By using the E2open network (“E2net”) companies can benefit from these key attributes:

With over 60,000 trading partners connected and more than 215,000 unique registered users in 150 countries who communicate in nine languages and trade in 26 different currencies, E2net is the largest network designed specifically to support companies running multi-enterprise supply chains.

E2open provides these B2B integration capabilities in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allowing companies to reduce their cost of ownership and IT complexity by outsourcing their B2B connectivity to E2open.

Recognizing the need to protect sensitive company information, E2open adheres to the highest standards in data security. E2open is the first dedicated, cloud-based supply chain SaaS vendor to achieve the ISO 27001 Security Certification. In addition, E2open maintains SSAE16 certification.

Connecting 100% of partners is key in order to avoid any blind spots in the supply chain. A wide range of connectivity options is available to connect to the E2open network, depending on companies’ technological maturity:

  • System-to-system (often called B2B) connectivity leveraging a wide range of standard industry protocols and payload types
  • Web portal access, when a more manual process is sufficient
  • Simple, email-based information exchange, for trading partners with sporadic connection needs

E2open has extensive experience with on-boarding suppliers and can help setup a roll-out program.

Just as important is the ability to connect the E2open network with the company’s own applications. Companies can leverage E2open’s ERP connectivity options:

  • For Oracle, the integration to Oracle EBS and Fusion
  • For SAP, multiple options including SAP IDoc XML as well as SAP-certified connectors to SAP ERP and APO DP
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