Harness the power of downstream data for retail execution and supply chain performance

Demand Signal Management

The supply chain is awash with data, especially in consumer-oriented industries where the availability of downstream data from retailer operations and on consumer behavior seems to grow exponentially every year. This data contains valuable information but requires a lot of effort to transform it into actionable insights. The complexity of collecting, cleansing and normalizing data limits most deployments to siloed applications within functional teams. Despite the proven benefits, few companies use downstream data to systematically improve supply chain planning decisions at the enterprise level. Instead they find themselves drowning in data, with legacy planning tools unable to use these new information streams and manual processes unable to scale.    

Demand Signal Management

How can customer and consumer data drive better retail execution and supply chain performance – for both functional teams and the entire enterprise? How can organizations break down barriers that prevent the systematic of use of downstream data? Getting there takes an automated data management process that is closely coupled to retail analytics and planning.

E2open's Demand Signal Management solution automates the daily collection and harmonization of data and creates a single repository for all enterprise applications. Retail analytics provide execution visibility down to the store level, proactively identifying issues and enabling organizations to quickly respond and prevent stock-outs. Flexible analytics report information at any aggregation level, allowing account teams to focus on individual SKUs or brands at specific retailers, while management can measure performance across the entire category or channel. 

Importantly, harmonized data becomes a resource for core enterprise applications like demand sensing, demand planning and S&OP, enabling the systematic use of retailer and consumer sentiment data to make better supply chain decisions.  

"Challenge" Label
"Solution" Label
Poor quality and timeliness of data availability limit the usefulness and adoption
Automated and streamlined data management enables effective and efficient use of downstream data across the enterprise
Hard to scale – adding new retailers is complex and costly
Fast and easy onboarding, with standard Retailer Packs and normalized data maps
Lost sales due to stock-outs or phantom inventory at retail locations
Ensure on-shelf availability and proactive notification of phantom inventory
Poor promotion or product introduction performance caused by lack of visibility to retail execution
Increased promotional lift and better new product performance through daily monitoring of pre-build and event stock analysis
E2open offers us the strong support we require in critical areas of Sales Visibility and Retail Execution Management processes, especially at the shelf level, to eliminate out of stocks, phantom inventory, voids and zero scans.
Senior Vice President, Retail
Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Simplify the process of adding new retailers and using their data to make better decisions. E2open’s Retailer Packs reduce the time and cost of adding new retailers by leveraging pre-built connections, standardized data maps, and retailer-specific reports. Retailer Packs are designed to seamlessly work together, making it easy to analyze performance across channels and understand which products sell best in which retail format, to which consumer segments and in which period of the year. Faster time-to-value for onboarding new retailers and the ability to quickly identify trends across categories allows organizations to maximize the return on downstream investments.

Create a single repository of clean downstream data for all enterprise applications to enhance retailer execution insights and make better supply chain decisions. E2open's Demand Signal Repository solution allows companies to capture, cleanse, harmonize and store all retailer, distributor, syndicate and operational data, as well as any other demand signal such as weather, geo-demographic, attribute and loyalty data.

When used with E2open’s On-Shelf Availability, Promotion Execution and New Product Introduction solutions, organizations can better manage in-store execution to ensure product availability and maximize sales. The Demand Signal Repository feeds retailer, consumer sentiment and causal data to E2open's Demand Sensing solution to significantly improve near-term forecast accuracy and to E2open's Demand Planning to create better baseline forecasts for planners and to improve the quality of the consensus forecast.

Grow sales and delight consumers at the “first moment of truth” by ensuring that products are always on the shelf when they are ready to buy. E2open's On-Shelf Availability solution improves in-store execution for all items, including new product introductions and promotional events. The solution uses adaptive learning algorithms to distinguish shifts in consumer demand from on-shelf availability issues that require intervention such as distribution voids, zero scans and phantom inventory. Timely identification of problems and their resolution results in higher revenue and increased margins.

Manage product promotion performance to meet or exceed brand management goals. E2open's Promotion Execution solution allows organizations to collaborate with stakeholders on planning events, selecting participating stores, defining promotional items and assigning teams to manage responsibilities. As the promotion unfolds, built-in analytics look beyond sell-through metrics to measure performance of key brand objectives such as creating interest, generating trials or stimulating demand. Daily reports track performance throughout the lifecycle, including inventory pre-builds, retailer compliance and event performance, allowing companies to increase lift and maximize return on spend.

Ensure successful product launches by closely monitoring all aspects of in-store execution. E2open’s New Product Introduction solution lets organizations track key operational insights to ensure smooth execution, including:

  • Distribution and availability – ensure stock is fully distributed as planned, with items scanning in each store
  • Forecast accuracy – understand how sales are deviating from the plan
  • Cannibalization – identify the impact on similar items, categories and brands affected by the new product
  • Promotional compliance – flag which retailers fail to comply with promotional elements such as pricing

Acting on these insights during the introduction period is a critical success factor for new products and key to securing shelf-space for the item post-launch.

E2open’s Demand Signal Management solutions lower the barrier of systematically using retailer and consumer sentiment data to improve in-store execution and make better supply chain decisions. Standard Retailer Packs make it easy to add new channel partners and maximize return on investment.