Predictive Analytics Webinar

Supply chains are using predictive analytics in a variety of ways from creating more accurate retail forecasts to reducing costs by anticipating maintenance and repair of physical assets. Pawan Joshi, SVP, Product & Strategy, shares best practices for harnessing the power of predictive analytics in the supply chain.

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Fueling Sales & Operations Planning with Technology

Over the past decade, advanced technology has become commercially available to dramatically improve the S&OP process and provide a single view of rationalized, harmonized planning data to power monthly cross-functional and multi-enterprise business reviews.

In this webinar, Lisa Aleman, Senior Supply Chain Strategist at E2open, shares why enabling technology is necessary to support a company's S&OP journey, benefits of supporting the components of S&OP with advanced technology, and key factors to consider as you broaden your solution footprint. 

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From Good to Great: The Business Case for Best-in-Class S&OP

Most organizations recognize the need to have a robust, holistic sales and operations planning (S&OP) capability to drive intelligent business decisions. But many struggle to quantify the benefits generated by their S&OP investments. This webinar addresses how a strategic value assessment can help you:

  • Develop a vision of what “great” S&OP looks like to your organization
  • Assess your company’s current S&OP process and the development of a roadmap to get to “great”
  • Realize the benefits of S&OP, determine the changes with the most positive impact, and measure success

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Republic Wireless Fuels Rapid Growth with S&OP

Republic Wireless shares its Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Journey, including how technology has helped them power better business decisions and achieve their growth objectives. 

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A Practitioner's Guide to Successful S&OP and Demand Management

Many companies that have become “best-in-class” at S&OP have something in common: they have implemented successful strategies and tactics for building and securing approval for their S&OP technology business case. Learn firsthand from leading experts how to take you and your company to S&OP and integrated business planning (IBP) success.

This webinar addresses the following questions: 

  • Why so many S&OP initiatives fail
  • How to get started with S&OP and how to sustain success
  • What’s the power of proven S&OP processes and technology 
  • How to remove barriers to S&OP success

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Who Owns the "S" in S&OP?

In recent years, functions other than Sales – including Supply Chain and Finance – have often taken ownership of predicting future sales. The process has become an aggregation exercise done by specialists, and the name itself – demand management – indicates that the Sales team is not intimately involved. But true S&OP requires Sales to “own their number,” which delivers company-wide benefits because Sales is the closest to the demand signal. 

In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • The Sales Planning Challenges 
  • The Keys to Success 
  • How a Sales Planning Platform Can Help You Hit Your Number

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Range-based S&OP: How to Tame Demand Volatility in 3 Steps

Demand forecasts are critical input to your business plan, yet forecast error is unavoidable. Supply chain agility can overcome this error with capacity and inventory, but comes at a cost. The solution?  Proactively plan for a range of demand and supply within your Sales & Operations Plan (S&OP).

In this webinar, Stanford Consulting Professor Blake Johnson shares:

  • How forecastable is demand over the planning horizon?
  • What is the right type and amount of supply chain flexibility?
  • What level of supply chain flexibility optimizes P&L and customer delivery performance?

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How to Build an Agile Supply Chain: Lessons from the Best Companies

Running an agile supply chain means being able to quickly and accurately sense and respond to changes. Sounds simple, but as everyone knows, it is difficult for companies to achieve agility in an environment that is defined by intense competition, high service expectations, unpredictable demand, and increasingly global supply chains.

In this webinar, Patrick Lemoine shares how to design an agile supply chain and the benefits that companies realize from running one. 

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Five Supply Chain Best Practices for Life Sciences Companies

Supply chain management is playing an increasingly important role for the pharmaceutical industry - an industry that is facing new cost, performance, and quality issues. 

In this webinar, Patrick Lemoine, VP of Product Marketing at E2open, addresses five best practices you should start looking into if you haven't already to tackle these challenges. 

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Procurement and the Business Network

Cloud-based business networks are making it easier for procurement officers to collaborate in a simple and scalable way to drive value throughout their organizations. Turning payables into profit centers, tapping into a large community of global suppliers and vetting partners are some of the benefits that business networks offer.

Patrick Lemoine, VP, Product Marketing at E2open, explains how companies can take collaboration to the next level in this panel webinar. 

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Creating a Demand Planning System Worthy of the Digital Supply Chain

History is a poor predictor of future sales in today’s fast-moving world. However, many companies still rely on traditional demand planning systems that employ time-series analysis to create forecasts. Increased dependence on new products and promotions to drive growth further compounds the problem; new items lack the two years of data required for time-series analysis and promotions are by nature designed to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

There are, however, some bright spots with leading companies using new demand sensing technology capable of capturing and analyzing the abundance of real-time data in the digital supply chain.

In this webinar, Piet Buyck, VP of Sales, Forecasting Solutions at E2open, explores this new technology, barriers to change, and how it will affect the future supply chain.  

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The State of Demand Planning Performance

How good is best-in-class forecasting performance? How bad is item proliferation? Can prescriptive analytics like Demand Sensing provide a step-change in performance?

In this webinar, John Lash, VP of Product Marketing at E2open, addresses these questions and more based on recent findings from our 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study

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Predictive Analytics for Demand Planning: What Can It Do for Your Organization?

The wealth of real-time data available today can help determine future demand for your organization’s products and services. In global supply chain management, the application of predictive analytics is key to creating flexible and nimble supply chains that are as responsive as they are intuitive.

Hear John Lash, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open, discuss the advantages of predictive analytics for organizations.

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E2open and Terra: Enabling the End-to-End Supply Chain Operating Network

When E2open announced the acquisition of Terra Technology in March, the response from media, industry analysts and customers was overwhelmingly positive. 

Now our customers can leverage solutions that combine massive amounts of data from the demand side to dramatically improve forecast accuracy with a network that connects, collects, and collaborates on these demand signals in real-time across the multi-enterprise supply chain.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how your company can leverage combined supply and demand capabilities that dynamically sense market changes and synchronize operations from retailers through to suppliers.

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The Effect of Volatility on Safety Stock

Volatility is typically associated with fast-moving markets and changing consumer preferences, but one of the major drivers is unchecked SKU proliferation.  This webinar explores what drives safety stock and how it relates to other forms and functions of inventory, how demand uncertainty directly impacts inventory, and steps to control volatility by using current data.

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The True Cost of a Long Tail

SKU growth continues to significantly outpace sales growth, creating a disproportionate cost burden on manufacturers and eroding margins instead of improving the bottom line. This webinar explores the latest industry data on the rapid pace of SKU proliferation and how to reduce the impact of a long tail and improve business performance.

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Trends in Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility in the supply chain is very important to enable you to not only make proactive decisions, but make sure you are making the right decisions. How far can you currently see into the supply chain today and how are you using that information? In this webcast, Patrick Lemoine will share what respondents are saying about their supply chain visibility from a survey recently conducted by Gatepoint Research.

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