E2open Quality & Traceability Solutions

E2open's Quality & Traceability solutions provide companies with deep visibility to the production processes and end-to-end quality information across the supply chain, to create comprehensive product genealogies regardless of who manufactures or distributes the products. 

Learn more about E2open's Quality & Traceability solutions in this 1-minute video. 

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E2open Sourcing & Procurement Solutions

E2open's Sourcing & Procurement solutions provide visibility, control and collaborative capabilities across all buy-side processes. This solution enables companies to operate a more stable supply chain with fewer expedites, increased customer service, and lower inventory through real-time visibility.

Learn more about E2open's Sourcing & Procurement solutions in this 1-minute video. 

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E2open Sales & Operations Planning / Financial Planning Solutions

E2open's Sales & Operations Planning / Financial Planning solutions enable best-in-class consensus planning to gain cross-functional agreement and quickly evaluate the financial impact of trade-offs. Learn more about E2open's Sales & Operations Planning / Financial Planning  solutions in this 1-minute video. 

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E2open Logistics & Fulfillment Solutions

E2open's Logistics & Fulfillment solutions augment existing solutions with advanced algorithms, enhanced visibility, and improved collaboration for fast and reliable delivery of products, on-time and in-full. Learn more about E2open's Logistics & Fulfillment solutions in this 1-minute video. 

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E2open Inventory Visibility & Optimization Solutions

E2open's Inventory Visibility & Optimization solutions enable companies to set optimal minimum and maximum targets for all forms and functions of stock. This ensures the right inventory is at the right place and time. Learn more about E2open's Inventory Visibility & Optimization solutions in this 1-minute video. 

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E2open Supply Planning & Response Solutions

E2open’s Supply Planning & Response solutions use the latest data from all tiers of the supply chain to generate the best possible supply plan that is both end-to-end and real-time. Learn more about our Supply Planning & Response solutions in this 1-minute video.

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E2open Demand Planning & Sensing Solutions

E2open's Demand Planning & Sensing solutions use automation and machine learning algorithms to analyze real-time information from across the extended supply chain and create a more accurate picture of demand for any time horizon. Learn more about our Demand Planning & Sensing solutions in this 1-minute video.

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E2open Harmony Demo

Harmony is E2open’s new common user experience. Harmony extends across all of E2open’s supply chain solutions enabling any and all users across the extended business eco-system to seamlessly connect, visualize, plan and execute supply chain operations in a closed-loop, collaborative manner using real-time information. 

In this demo, you will see firsthand how you can operate a completely connected and digital supply chain (from retail stores, to distribution and manufacturing, to suppliers) all in one place, using E2open Harmony.

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E2open Recall Management Overview

Product recalls can become an existential risk for companies when negative publicity goes viral on social media. The only way to be properly protected is to have the right systems in place before any recall so that defective or contaminated batches can be immediately identified and brought back quickly, without disrupting regular operations. While it’s not possible to eliminate all recalls, it is possible to mitigate the damage.

Learn how E2open's Recall Management solution helps companies establish standard recall workflows and operating procedures, gain end-to-end traceability, and identify root causes and isolate impacted batches quickly. 

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E2open Demand Sensing Overview

Demand Sensing is a next-generation forecasting technology invented by E2open in 2002, that analyzes current demand signals such as orders, shipments and retailer data like point-of-sale, to predict the most likely amount of future demand for every item, at every location, every day.

Unlike traditional demand planning technology that relies on historical sales, Demand Sensing is fully automated, using algorithms and machine learning to find patterns within real-time data. It extracts actionable information based on what is actually happening in your supply chain, helping you better understand what your customers will order and when.

E2open Demand Sensing is proven to reduce forecast error by 30-40% and is trusted by some of the world’s largest manufacturers. In fact, E2open Demand Sensing predicts demand for over $250 billion in annual sales every year.

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E2open Harmony Overview

Harmony is E2open’s new common user experience that spans across all our supply chain solutions, enabling our customers to extract maximum value from the sophisticated connectivity and powerful applications we provide. 

E2open Harmony is revolutionizing the way in which supply chains are digitally represented and orchestrated, allowing users across the extended business eco-system to seamlessly connect, visualize, plan, and execute supply chain operations in a closed-loop, collaborative manner using real-time information.

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Software Provider E2open is On the Move - CEO Michael Farlekas on Strategy

Supply chain software provider E2open is certainly on the move, making a number of acquisitions in the past two years to expand its original solution focused on multi-tier visibility for manufacturers across the extended supply chain. Those acquisitions include demand sensing vendor Terra Technology, demand signal repository provider Orchesto, and just recently Steelwedge, a provider of S&OP solutions.

SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore recently had the chance to discuss where E2open is headed with CEO Michael Farlekas in the brief video below.

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The Business Debate with E2open - Innovations for Global Supply Chains

The Business Debate interviews Shawn Lane, VP Sales & Marketing, E2open, on what digitization means for businesses and consumers, why connectivity is required outside a company's four walls, and how companies can enable this transformative change. 

"Digitization is a buzzword these days, but the concept is quite simple. It means moving from siloed, disconnected, non-networked processes in companies and moving those online. This allows for connectivity and collaboration between multiple companies using the technology of the internet." - Shawn Lane

Watch Video Featured on The Business Debate

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The Future of Supply Chain: Better Living Through Better Technology

Shawn Lane, SVP Sales and Marketing at E2open, shares his view of the future of supply chain and how to prepare for changes that come along with a digital supply chain transformation. 

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Seagate and E2open's Partnership

Joe DiIorio, Director, Supply Chain at Seagate Technology talks about the partnership Seagate and E2open have and how E2open's solutions have automated processes at the company.

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Land O'Lakes: The Value of Demand Sensing and What's Next

Dustin Braun, Director of Supply Chain Analytics & Demand Management, Land O'Lakes, discusses the value of Demand Sensing, what's next for Land O'Lakes and the future of E2open. 

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E2open Company Overview

E2open provides the largest and most comprehensive Supply Chain Operating Network, including a broad suite of collaborative supply chain solutions.

See why leading global enterprises rely on E2open to provide greater end-to-end visibility, more accurate data and insights, and real-time business process orchestration across complex, multi-enterprise trading partner networks.

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Demand Sensing - Fact and Fiction

Piet Buyck, Vice President of Sales, Forecasting Solutions at E2open, explains how demand sensing works, the myths around it, and why leading companies are using it. 

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Cloud Connectivity: Transform your Supply Chain

Cloud connectivity is the next generation of B2B integration and can transform how you run your supply chain. Take your connectivity to the next level, and let it empower your People, your Technology, and your Business Processes.

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Vendor Managed Inventory: Three Keys to Success

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a brilliant concept in theory, but in reality, few companies are able to achieve its full potential. At its best, VMI creates a mutually beneficial relationship between a customer and its suppliers – one that maintains the optimal availability of inventory at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, a mutually beneficial relationship is hard to come by – too often the customer is happy and the supplier is unhappy or the other way around.

In this video, we share three keys to making VMI a truly win-win scenario, achieving and maintaining the optimal availability of inventory at the lowest possible costs

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How L'oreal manages the complexities via collaboration with their supplier network

Morris Lenczicki, VP of Industrial Systems Applications L’Oréal, USA shares how L’Oréal manages the complexities of seasonality, promotions and new product introductions via collaboration with their supplier network.

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How does E2open help Celestica drive a more efficient supply chain?

Arpad Hevizi, Senior Vice President and CIO at Celestica, comments on his experience working with E2open to drive greater efficiencies in his supply chain organization. 

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