E2open Demand Sensing Overview

Demand Sensing is a next-generation forecasting technology invented by E2open in 2002, that analyzes current demand signals such as orders, shipments and retailer data like point-of-sale, to predict the most likely amount of future demand for every item, at every location, every day.

Unlike traditional demand planning technology that relies on historical sales, Demand Sensing is fully automated, using algorithms and machine learning to find patterns within real-time data. It extracts actionable information based on what is actually happening in your supply chain, helping you better understand what your customers will order and when.

E2open Demand Sensing is proven to reduce forecast error by 30-40% and is trusted by some of the world’s largest manufacturers. In fact, E2open Demand Sensing predicts demand for over $250 billion in annual sales every year.

E2open Demand Sensing

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