E2open Accelerates Demand Planning at Leading Global Companies

Automation, Algorithms and Machine Learning Are Fueling Digital Supply Chain Strategies

Austin, TX – January 31, 2018 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today announced that P&G joined leading global companies using E2open’s Demand Planning solution, a next-generation capability improving productivity and performance by using machine learning algorithms to automate much of the demand planning process.

Companies using the technology for demand predictions of up to a year and a half reduced error by 25% for general trade markets and by 10% for developed markets, such as North America and Europe.

“Today’s fast-moving markets have changed the way we look at demand planning excellence,” said Thomas Fiedler, Director of Supply Chain Planning Solutions at Procter & Gamble. “Just as machine learning and advanced algorithms are transforming many industries, the use of new tools to automate and streamline processes is at the core of our digital supply chain initiatives.”

P&G, along with Land O’Lakes, Philip Morris, Walgreens Boots Alliance and several other Fortune 500 companies have adopted the new technology to automate their forecasting systems. E2open’s Demand Planning solution improves productivity and accuracy by freeing planners from the cumbersome and often manual tasks of creating and managing forecasts.

P&G partnered with E2open to customize, refine and advance the technology’s capabilities. P&G planners are now supported by machine learning algorithms that automatically adjust and optimize demand plans for new product launches, changes in item master data or stocking strategies and seasonal shifts. Advanced analytics determine complex correlations between the wealth of data available to P&G, equipping its planners to make better decisions in areas that are traditionally challenging, such as predicting promotional lift and product introductions.

As a long-time customer, P&G was the first manufacturer to deploy E2open’s Demand Sensing solution globally, using real-time data such as point-of-sale to improve near-term forecast accuracy. Now, it has leaned in again as the first company to deploy E2open’s Demand Planning solution for its global operations. This combination provides the best possible prediction of demand for any planning horizon, from days to weeks, months or years.

“It is an honor to be a strategic partner with Procter & Gamble and to help them advance their digital supply chain strategy,” said Michael Farlekas, CEO of E2open.  “As industry leaders, they are widely-recognized as having one of the world’s most complex and best-run supply chains. With this global rollout, Procter & Gamble now uses the full breadth of E2open’s demand planning, transportation forecasting and inventory optimization solutions.”

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